Air Supported Belt Conveyor


ASBC is universal conveyor, can be widely used in coal, electricity, metallurgy, chemical, machinery, food, light industry, ports and building materials industries. By a single conveyor or multi-unit synthesis conveyor, bulk density of material (various powder, granular and massive materials) is generally less than 2500kg / m³, especially good for conveying the mixed materials by certain proportion, also for flexible packages.

The operating temperature of ASBC is generally -25 to + 40 ° C. We can also design proper protection device of conveyor when heat, cold, water, corrosion, explosion and flame retardant and other condition.The operating temperature of ASBC is generally -25 to + 40 ° C. We can also design proper protection device of conveyor when heat, cold, water, corrosion, explosion and flame retardant and other condition.

Air Supported Belt Conveyor
Air Supported Belt Conveyor
Air Supported Belt Conveyor
Air Supported Belt Conveyor
Air Supported Belt Conveyor reducer
Air Supported Belt Conveyor reducer
Air Supported Belt Conveyor
Air Supported Belt Conveyor
Air Supported Belt Conveyor
Air Supported Belt Conveyor
Air Supported Belt Conveyor working site
Air Supported Belt Conveyor working site


In recent years, the technology and equipment of modern logistics, especially the modernized port construction, have been developing rapidly.

The 21st century will stride into a new age where those industries, such as port, mine, coal, electric power etc. Will be energy-efficient, environment-friendly, low-carbon but efficient. Therefore, the large-capacity air supported belt conveyor will be urgently needed. A technology revolution must be conducted in the conveying system of electric power and coal industries when they are faced with the new situation of energy conservation, emission reduction, and green environmental protection. It is imperative that the air supported belt conveyor will gradually replace the stationary belt conveyor which has heavy pollution.

To this end, we successfully developing the energy-efficient,environment-friendly and large-capacity air supported belt conveyor (the third-generation air supported belt conveyor) with more than two years. The stringent performance test shows that each economic and technical index of the air supported belt conveyor reaches the international advanced level.and that when the conveying capacity is 4000t/h and frictional resistance loss index is 0.4-0.8Pa/M, it can still be directly started will fully load. The index of starting under full load and that of the loss due to frictional resistance take the world leading level, which indicates the technical level of the air supported belt conveyor of our country has been the best among the counterparts in the world.


Energy saving

By using air support instead of roller support, ASBC make roller belt conveyor's rolling friction into the fluid friction, then greatly reducing the traction of the drive device and belt conveyor running resistance. In the same amount of delivery and delivery process, the power consumption can be saved 15 ~ 30% than the roller belt conveyor. The greater the amount of delivery, the longer the transport distance, the more significant energy savings.

Light weight, high stiffness

As the air chamber with box-shaped cross-section, the vertical direction of ASBC can withstand greater bending moment and torque, torsional bending performance is much higher than the roller belt conveyor, then ensure a reliable strength guarantee for large volume transport of ASBC. At the same time, ASBC adopts only 2 ~ 3 pairs of transition rollers, which will make the machine run more reliable.

Long life

ASBC to facilitate the full range of protective seals, sealing effect is much higher than the roller belt conveyor. Not deviation, no dust, low noise. Truly realized a clean and environmentally friendly transport. After using air support instead of the roller support, running resistance and tape tension greatly reduced, so there are less wear for the belt , not rubbing, not sprinkle material, not tear, combined with air support on the tape with cooling effect, as a result the belt life ratio is extended 2 to 4 times than belt conveyor, and the service life of the equipment is 2 to 4 times of the belt conveyor.

Low maintenance costs

ASBC with air support instead of the roller support, fewer rotating parts, less accident points, reliability, little wear and tear, thus greatly reducing maintenance costs. It is proven that ASBC is less than 75 to 80% of the maintenance cost of the roller belt conveyor.


Roller belt conveyor running in a wave forward operation, so it is to make material bumps serious, tape deviation and wear large. ASBC completely overcome the above shortcomings, running very smooth, not bumpy, do not sprinkle material, do not run away, will not automatically sort the particle size of the bulk material, especially suitable for the preparation of the proportion of the preparation of mixed bulk material.

Less start -up power, starting under fully loaded conditions

Roller belt conveyor start-up power is large, generally about 1.8 to 2.5 times of operating power, and difficult to achieve full line full load start. ASBC as long as form the stable and even air cushion layer, the drive motor starting power and running power difference is very small, full load and no need to take any auxiliary measures can be easily started directly.

High loading capacity

The best operating speed of ASBC is 3 ~ 4m / s, the minimum operating speed of 0.8m / s, up to 12m / s, the maximum operating speed is 12m / s. So it can greatly improve the transport capacity, coupled with its large load section, good stability. In the same model of conveyor, ASBC more than the roller belt conveyor capacity increased by 10% to 15%. Transport effects and economic benefits are very significant.

Easy sealing, less pollution

ASBC was equipped with a closed air chamber along the machine, which can be fully sealed, then to make the installation of protective cover and safety facilities easily, and to make the installation of closed transport and easy install dust vacuum packs well, and also to reduce pollution, reduce noise, clean the environment, to achieve environment-friendly produce.

Eight Innovative Technology

The Innovation of Design Theory

Replace Fan-shaped air flow theory with advanced water wave air flow theory which has the following advantage:

  • Acquire better air cushion uniform stability;
  • Make conversion between static and dynamic pressure of the gas more scientific and reasonable;
  • Greatly improve the uniform stability of the air cushion;
  • More comprehensive consideration of many factors influence the formation of the air cushion layer;
  • Reflect the forming air cushion mechanism and operation condition;
  • New basis theoretical for calculation about gas consumption, wind, air pressure, air cushion thickness and other design parameters;
  • New approach to air orifice arrangement;
  • Comprehensive solution and effective technical measures for the first and second generation of air-cushion belt conveyor problems;
  • Reliable technology guarantee for successful development of the third-generation air-cushion belt conveyor.

The Innovation of air hole design

Replace the orifice port parallel arrangement in the first--generation ASBC with the five-point throttle arrangement.

  • The air hole row number is odd;
  • Use the center line of arc-shaped groove at longitudinal direction as center line of symmetry;
  • Symmetrical layout;
  • Diameter of air hole where a central symmetry to both sides will be gradually reduced;
  • Adapted to the symmetric variation of the pressure and the materials belt bending stress.
  • Increase loading and overloading of air cushion layer;
  • Adapt to operation of air cushion transport;
  • Ensure the uniform stability of the air cushion, stable and reliable operation;
  • Strong overloading capacity;
  • Easily Starting under fully loaded conditions.

The Innovation of Design Methods

Replace First Groove Angle design with Second Groove Angle.

Radius of the circular arc to upper arc-shaped groove by First Groove Angle, then modify structure by Second Groove Angle, increases the loading section , not only increases the loading capacity of the upper arc-shaped groove, but also drop upper arc-shaped groove edge 3-8mm, so prevent the belt edge friction and make belt life long 3-4 times.

The Innovation of Air Chamber Structure

Replace rectangular cross section air chamber with full symmetry air chamber (the air chamber combinated with arc, then bended into full symmetry air chamber).

Main Innovation for air chamber structure and air chamber section design, so greatly reducing the cyclone eddy in air chamber, then stabilized the air pressure.

Air chamber structure: Special shape external flange connection each two air chambers, “Maze” type spile connection each two arc-shaped grooves and use sealant to seal . Good sealing, prevent for leakage air when connection part of air chambers; Offset scalability caused by difference temperature, prevent for distortion and arching of air chamber.

Section shape of air chamber: Use the air chamber section which combination with good for air flow and reduce cyclone vortex and broken-line to Frictional Drag and arc.So good stabilizing effect, small frictional drag loss , less cyclone eddy, strong structure rigid,good torsional and flexural, easy for manufacturing and assembly.

Compared with the first and second generation ASBC, the transverse size of air chamber decreased by 10% ~ 15%, air consumption decreased by 15 ~ 20%, voltage regulator effect increased by 20 ~ 25%.

The Innovation of Air Source System

Use wind split device as new key technologies,to ensure uniform stability of air cushion. Air source system of the first-generation ASBC often cause airflow interference and cyclone eddy, and frictional drag loss larger. And matched-calculation of air source is not good enough, also use general centrifugal fan with model 9-19,9-26,4-68, CQ etc, cant match with the operation of ASBC, Much higher air pressure and too smaller air amount, or Much lower air pressure and too much air amount, then cause stability of air cushion is too bad, not good operating.

Wind split device not only can be quantitative, but adjusted air pressure as required.

According to material nature(bulk density, moisture degree etc),particle size, loading capacity, conveying speed, working environment etc,we have developed mathematical model for matched wind pressure and amount, also use new type fan with model 5-48,5-50,7-36,6-41,6-27 etc., thereby greatly improve technology performance of ASBC.

The Innovation of material cleaning system

Design storage material device for spills in air chamber, solve problem of the spills in air cushion space. During longer operation of the first and second generation ASBC, cause the spills and then friction between belt with arc-shaped groove, affecting the stability of the air cushion. Sometimes, even block the air holes.

For preventing the fine material go into the air cushion space: Firstly, add guard; Secondly, use new cleaner or spring cleaner and weight type scraper cleaner, or add a few groups of Nonloaded Cleaner; Thirdly also the main innovation is adding storage material device from the discharge place 3~5 meters. When the belt go through storage material device, the spills will be automatically pres-sued into storage device by air cushion. So make long service life of belt and arc-shaped groove and improve the operation effect.

The Innovation of air hole size

Use new design of air hole size: use long hole or appropriately increase hole size as air hole on the row of centerline, and the hole located at symmetrical two rows side of centerline also adjust the distance of rows and appropriately increase hole size, so increase loading capacity 15-20% compared with second-generation ASBC; easily starting under fully loaded conditions by original driven power, and energy saving 5-20% compared with original model ASBC, very good for large loading capacity.

The Innovation for Groove Angel of Arc-shaped groove

Increase the groove angel: the third-generation ASBC is a deep trough and large loading capacity belt conveyor, under the condition of same specification and model ASBC, compared with original model, groove angle increase 1~3 degrees, loading basal area increase 5 ~ 12%, so capacity can be increased 5% to 12%, starting under fully loaded conditions when driving power will be same or increase only 5%. Also energy-saving 5 ~ 10% compared with the second-generation ASBC, very good for large loading capacity.

Working principle

Air Supported Belt Conveyor (a kind of belt conveyor that uses a thin film to support the conveyor belt and load. These conveyors utilize a thin cushion of air (film) (See Figure 1) rather than roller support the belt and load, when the air source supply to the air channel with a certain pressure and flow of air, the air will overflow on the air hole through Arc-shaped groove(The upper part of the circular groove ),air cushion (Forming a layer of a pressure film between the conveyor belt and Arc-shaped groove) will support the belt and load. The belt (1) operated around discharge pulley and tail pulley, and transport the material (5) from the hopper (4) to the silo (11). Air chamber is a closed long box as the longitudinal support of conveyor, Arc-shaped groove (6) is circular groove as upper part of air chamber, cushion of air (film) to support the belt and load, driven by discharge pulley(2),continue to operate, No-loading belt supported by roller (loading part support by air cushion, no-loading part suppported by idler, its Single air supported belt conveyor (SASBC);

if loading and no-loading part supported by air cushion- Double air supported belt conveyor(DASBC).Using a fan (9),through air inlet of air chamber (8),kept the air blowing into the air chamber, the air along the longitudinal direction and fill with air chamber to form a certain pressure, and through the air holes (13) on the (6) Arc-shaped groove into the bottom of the trough,because optimized combination for size and diameter of air holes, stable air cushion layer is formed between belt and arc-shaped groove, air cushion supports belt and load, also there is more than twice air cushion strength for load change, fluid friction rather than the solid rolling friction of idler type belt conveyor, reduce frictional resistance obviously, also have the following advantage compared with idler belt conveyor:prevent deviation and spills, run smoothly.

Eight Innovative Technology

Design Theory Innovative

Replace Fan-shaped air flow theory with advanced water wave air flow theory to acquire better air cushion uniform stability.

Air Source System Innovative

Initial additional sub-air steaming device to both sub-air and diverse flow reasonably and Reduce the loss of airflow resistance along the way. Solving the longitudinal  stability problem.

Orifice Port Place Innovation

Replace the orifice port parallel arrangement with the five-point throttle arrangement, increase the carrying capacity of air cushion layer.

Innovative material clearing equipment

Add new emptying and storing material devices, solving the material clamping problem.

Design Methods Innovation

Replace the Time slot Agle Design with the second slot Angle Design to acquire scientific Air tank structure, to overcome tape sidewipe phenomenon,improve belt life.

Orifice aperture Innovation

For large capacity air cushion machine, need adjusted the orifice aperture of longitudinal center line, using the square orifice layout.

Air Tank Structure Innovation

replace the rectangular cross-section with broken line and arc combination for the gas tank, in order to reduced air consumption and enhance stabilized voltage effect.

Air Chamber plate Groove Innovative

Increase the upper plate groove angle1-3 degree, improve capacity.

Technology Parameters

TypesOpen TypeClosed Type

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