Food Grade Belt Conveyor

Key Features

  • With a light load,the characteristics of low speed, continuous transport of materials.
  • Economic and practical
  • High speed and low noise
  • Easy operation, easy maintenance
  • Good looking, durable
  • Conveyor belt width 400mm,500mm,600mm,650mm,800mm,1000mm,1200mm,1500mm.
  • Belt conveyor can be designed oil-proof, corrosion-resistant and static-free.
  • And food-grad belt conveyor can meet the requirements of food industry, pharmacy, packaging industry and chemical articles for daily use.
  • Length and and height are made according to customers’ specifications.
  • There are linear belt conveyor or turning belt conveyor.
  • Material~PVC food belt conveyor belt Frame—-Export food hygiene SUS304 or carbon steel as your demand.
  • Conveyor belt—-Food grade rubber, PVC or other material.
  • Driving device—-electric motor or electric drum
    Belt speed—-Fixed speed or adjustable speed(frequency converter)
trough belt conveyor three
trough belt conveyor three
trough belt conveyor
trough belt conveyor
trough belt conveyor
trough belt conveyor


Belt conveyor is used for transporting of the food grain and other buck or packing material, with adjustable speed,easy to control, best choice for food processing line.

Conveyor belt with white or green food grade conveyor belt, durable, clean and sanitary. In the selection of design, according to other delivery and delivery distance (including the horizontal length and lift height) after the calculation of the selected calculation. Combination length of light belt conveyor (head, tail wheel horizontal distance) L ≤ 30m.

Application Fields

Light belt conveyor is a kind of conveyor, suitable for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, warehouse, grain, terminal and other industries.

Important component

Belt, frame, drive part, support part, motor, speed controller, electric elements, etc.

Belt Conveyor Dimension Table

Carrier Roller typeBelt Speed(m/s)Belt Width(mm)
Conveying Capacity(t/h)
Groove Rollers0.878131————————
Parallel Rollers0.84167118——————
* Note: We can customize the product according to your information

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