The belt conveyor judges the fault by noise

19-06-2019ZGS vibrating screen

  When using a belt conveyor, many failures often occur. How do you judge the fault by noise? When the leather drive belt conveyor is running, its drive unit, drive roller and reversing drum, and the idler group will emit abnormal noise when abnormal, and abnormal noise can judge the fault.

  Noise when the roller is severely eccentric: When the belt conveyor is running, the idler often has abnormal noise accompanied by periodic vibration. Especially the returning roller, because of its large length, self-important, the noise is relatively large. There are two main reasons for noise. First, the thickness of the seamless steel pipe wall for manufacturing the idler roller is uneven, and the centrifugal force generated is large. Second, during machining, the center of the bearing hole at both ends is greatly deviated from the center of the outer circle, so that the centrifugal force is too large. Continue to use if the bearing is not damaged and noise is allowed.

  Noise when the two shafts of the coupling are different: abnormal noise generated at the coupling between the high-speed end motor of the drive unit and the reducer or the coupling with the brake wheel. This noise is also accompanied by the rotation of the motor. Vibrations with different frequencies. This is to adjust the position of the motor reducer in time to avoid breakage of the input shaft of the reducer.

  Abnormal noise of the reversing drum and the driving drum: the normal operation of the reversing drum and the driving drum is very low noise. When an abnormality occurs, the bearing is generally damaged, and the bearing seat is rattled, and the bearing is replaced.

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