Common conveyors and their uses

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  There are many types of conveyors, and their uses are different. Users need to choose according to their needs in practical applications. This article introduces more than ten types of conveyors commonly used in the domestic market and their uses;

  1. Air cushion belt conveyor: widely used in ports, mines, grain and other industries;

  2. Tubular belt conveyors: Widely used in material transportation systems in the power, building materials, chemical, mining, metallurgy, wharf, port, coal, and grain industries;

  3. Round tube belt conveyor: suitable for metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, thermal power and port bulk terminals and other industries, widely used to transport ore, coal, raw materials, waste residue, garbage and other materials;

  4. Coal mine belt conveyors: widely used in metallurgy, coal, transportation, hydropower, chemical and other departments.

  5. Belt conveyor: widely used in metallurgy, coal, transportation, hydropower, chemical and other departments;

  6. Tubular screw conveyor: It is a continuous conveying equipment that uses spiral rotation to move materials. It is suitable for conveying materials such as flour, cereals, cement, fertilizers, ash, sand, stones, pulverized coal, small coal, etc.

  7. Vertical screw conveyor: suitable for conveying various powdery and granular materials, such as flour, cement, sand and other recycled rubber powder;

  8. Spiral conveyor: suitable for the transportation and connection of bulk materials in industries such as cement, chemical industry, metallurgical industry and grain processing, grain and grain storage, various additives, construction engineering and other industries;

  9. Compared with the traditional shaft screw conveyor, the shaftless screw conveyor adopts a non-center shaft design and uses a whole flexible steel screw to push the material;

  10. Screw conveyor: widely used in various industrial sectors, such as building materials, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, coal, aluminum and magnesium, machinery, light industry, food and food industries.

  In addition, other conveyors include: pipe chain conveyor, plate chain conveyor, FU chain conveyor, chain conveyor, coal mine scraper conveyor, horizontal scraper conveyor, flexible scraper conveyor, Scraper conveyor, hot material buried scraper conveyor, etc.

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