Belt conveyor speed should not be too large to prevent increased power

01-08-2019ZGS vibrating screen

  The mass or volume calculation of the transported material; the number of pieces delivered per hour when transporting the finished item. Belt conveyor conveying speed: increasing the conveying speed can improve the conveying capacity. When the conveyor belt is used as the traction member and the conveying length is large, the conveying speed is increasing. However, belt conveyors that operate at high speeds should pay attention to vibration, noise, and starting and braking problems. For conveyors that use chains as traction members, the conveying speed should not be too large to prevent an increase in dynamic load. At the same time, the conveyor speed of the process operation shall be determined according to the requirements of the production process.

  Belt Conveyor Component Dimensions: Conveyor component dimensions include conveyor width, slat width, hopper volume, pipe diameter, and container size. The size of these components directly affects the conveyor capacity of the conveyor. The length and inclination of the conveyor: the length of the conveyor line and the angle of inclination directly affect the total resistance of the conveyor and the required power. Before the belt conveyor is operated, first confirm the belt conveyor equipment and personnel. The articles to be transported are in a safe and intact state; secondly, each moving part is inspected and free of foreign matter, and all electrical circuits are checked for normality, and the belt conveyor can be put into operation normally. Finally, check that the difference between the supply voltage and the rated voltage of the device does not exceed ± 5%.

  The belt conveyor closes the main power switch to check whether the power supply of the equipment is normally fed in and the power indicator is on. After the normal operation, proceed to the next step. The belt conveyor closes the power switch of each circuit to check if it is normal. Under normal conditions: the device does not work, the belt conveyor running indicator does not light, the power indicator of the inverter and other devices is on, and the display panel of the inverter is normal (no fault code display). The belt conveyor starts each electrical device in turn according to the process flow. After the previous electrical device starts normally (the motor or other device has reached the normal speed and normal state),the next electrical device is started.

  In the operation of the belt conveyor, the provisions of the articles in the design of the conveyed articles must be observed, and the design capability of the belt conveyor must be observed. Secondly, it should be noted that all types of personnel must not touch the moving parts of the belt conveyor, and non-professionals are not allowed to touch the electrical components and control buttons at will. Finally, the belt drive can not be disconnected from the rear stage of the inverter. If it is necessary to determine the maintenance, it must be stopped when the inverter operation is stopped. Otherwise, the inverter may be damaged.

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