Belt conveyor speed selection

20-06-2019ZGS vibrating screen

  Belt conveyors are widely used transportation equipment in the chemical, coal, metallurgy, mining, building materials, electric power, light industry, food, and transportation sectors. The belt conveyor is practical, loose density conveying various materials with a density of 0.5-2.5T/cubic, granular, powder, and other bulk materials, and can also be transported into pieces. Select the belt conveyor speed, pay attention to the following points.

  1: When the conveying volume is large and the conveyor belt is wide, a higher belt speed is required.

  2: For longer horizontal conveyors, a higher belt speed should be selected; the larger the conveyor inclination, the shorter the conveyor distance, the lower the belt speed should be.

  3: The material is easy to roll, the particle size is large, the wear is strong or the dust is easy to be used. When the sanitary condition is high, it should be selected and the belt speed is lower.

  4: When used for feeding and conveying large amount of dust, the belt speed can be taken from 8 to 1 meter per second, depending on the material characteristics or process requirements.

  5: When weighing artificial ingredients, the number of belts should not be greater than 1.25 m / s.

  6: When using the plow type unloader, the belt speed should not exceed 2 meters per second.

  7: When using the unloading truck, the belt speed should not exceed 2.5 meters per second. When conveying fine materials and small materials, the belt speed is allowed to be 3.15 meters per second.

  8: When there is a metering scale, the belt speed should be determined according to the requirements of automatic metering.

  9: When transporting an item, the belt speed is generally less than 1.25 meters per second.

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