The characteristics of the pulse bag filter developed according to the characteristics of the cone crusher and the dust generated by the equipment are as follows

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  The characteristics of the pulse bag filter developed according to the characteristics of the cone crusher and the dust generated by the equipment are as follows:

  1. Pulse injection method is adopted, the spraying force is large, and the dust removal effect is good;

  2, using PLC programmable controller, automatic control of cleaning, graying, high efficiency;

  3. According to the different working conditions of the user, different filter materials and accessories can be selected to achieve the ideal dust removal effect.

  working principle:

  The dust collector is generally operated under negative pressure, and the dust-containing gas enters the tank through the air inlet. Under the action of the negative pressure in the folding filter cylinder, the air passes through the filter material from the outside of the cylinder and enters the cylinder, and enters the clean room to be discharged from the air outlet. When the dust accumulates on the surface of the filter material and the resistance reaches the set value (can also be set by time),the pulse valve is opened, and the compressed air is directly sprayed into the center of the filter cartridge (core),and the filter cartridge is sequentially pulsed and cleaned. Let it resume low resistance operation.

  The mine cone crusher dust collector adopts dust-proof and dust-removing measures for the dust generated by metallurgical mining beneficiation, so that the air dust concentration of the post and the outer row meets the national environmental protection standards and environmental protection engineering design. Its contents include mining dust removal design and beneficiation and dust removal design. After crushing open pit mining, underground mining, piercing, rock drilling, bottling, broken and other processes have dust emission, which seriously pollutes the working environment and the atmospheric environment, causing harm to human health. The dry rock drilling operation without dust prevention measures has a working dust concentration of several hundred thousand milligrams, and when the underground broken cavern has no dustproof measures, the dust concentration reaches several thousand milligrams. The mechanical dust collector equipment should be suitable for the characteristics of the mine. It requires a simple structure, small size and compactness, and is easy to be used for migration. Features of the dedusting equipment of the crushing line: the flow pattern design of the cyclone dust collector of the casing can act as a partial cyclone to reduce the load on the filter bag. The shape of the cylinder dome is evenly applied and the anti-bao performance is good. The mine breaker dust collector is not limited by the air source conditions in use, and has less wearing parts, convenient maintenance and reliable operation. It overcomes the problem of compressed air pulse cleaning, and has a large anti-blowing action distance. It can be used with long filter bags, making full use of space and occupying a small area.

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