The cleaner has a non-negligible effect on the belt conveyor

06-08-2019ZGS vibrating screen

  Belt conveyors usually carry viscous materials such as coal dust, mud, and powdered materials, some of which stick to the work surface of the conveyor belt and cannot be removed when unloading. At this point, the bonding material will enter the lower idler of the emptied portion, soiling the rollers and sticking the attachments. The material enters the roller shell, thereby increasing the radial and axial loads on the bearing housing, causing the bearing to wear quickly, the roller housing material tearing and pulling the belt surface, accelerating the wear belt.

  If the adhesive enters the end of the belt conveyor and turns to the drum, it will stick to the surface of the drum. The greater the viscosity, the stronger the adhesion. The result is a loss of conveyor belt and increased wear on the conveyor belt, with serious consequences. The material remaining on the conveyor belt also increases the friction on the drum, sometimes causing the belt surface rubber and the roller cover to tear. If the cleaning device is good, the service life of the rollers, conveyor belts, etc. can be extended. It can be seen that the cleaner has a non-negligible effect on the belt conveyor. In operation, if you want to artificially remove the attachment of the tail roller, it is often prone to serious personal injury or death.

  The operation of the belt conveyor and its service life depend not only on sound design and good manufacturing, but also on proper installation, operation and maintenance. When a sudden failure occurs during operation, the main contradictions should be mastered and corresponding measures should be taken to solve them.

  Before the belt conveyor is installed:

  After the belt conveyor arrives at the factory, the machine zeros and components should be inspected, counted and sorted and kept in a safe place. It should not be stacked in the open air to avoid rust. If you find that the organic parts are incomplete or damaged, you should try to remedy or repair them.

  The scraper chain is a key component of the belt conveyor. Check the connector of the scraper chain for flexibility before installation. If the rotation does not work, use gasoline or kerosene to remove the rust and sand it with sandpaper. Do not apply lubricant until the rotation is flexible. The mounting dimensions of the chassis and drive base or platform should be carefully checked (measured). If you find a problem, you should do it immediately. Prepare the necessary installation tools and materials.

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