The difference of Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder and Motor Vibrating Feeder

28-08-2019ZGS vibrating screen

  1.The difference of application

  Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder is widely used in light industries such as chemical industry、grain processing、mineral separation etc., in the feeding ,blending and pre quantified packing process of powder and granule materials, where centralized and automatic control are achievable.

  Motor Vibrating Feeder is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, light industry, electric power, chemicals, grain and other departments, which is be used to convey the massive, granule and powder materials from the warehouse or hopper into the accepting device evenly and continuously or quantification.

  2.The difference of working principle

  The electromagnetic vibrating feeder uses an electromagnetic vibrator as a vibration source to drive the hopper. It is characterized by a small amplitude of 1.5-3 mm and a high frequency. 3000 times / min or 1500 times / mi, so the conveying speed is slow and the rigidity of the tank is high.

  The motor vibration feeder is a kind of inertial vibration feeding. The vibration motor is used as the excitation source to drive the hopper. The amplitude is 2-5 mm, the frequency is 700-3000 times/min, so the structure is simple, and the installation and maintenance are convenient.

  Relatively speaking, the application of the motor vibration feeder is more extensive. Since the maintenance cost of the vibration motor is basically the same as that of the ordinary motor, the maintenance cost of the motor vibration feeder is also low.

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