Maintenance method of screw conveyor

29-09-2019ZGS vibrating screen

  The screw conveyor made of screw shell, spiral, drive parts and support. When we carry out maintenance of screw conveyor, we should also carry out partial maintenance.

  In generlly, the screw shell would be undamaged, but if the material belongs to acid-base corrosive substance it need to attention to clean the shell when stop work.

  The drive parts include motor and reducer, it is necessary to replace the oil-injected models strictly and regularly, which is equivalent to the heart part of the conveying equipment, so it is necessary to replace the oil regularly and in time.

  The main part of the screw conveyor is screw shaft and spiral blade, and the spiral blade also is wear part. The service life of the spiral blade varies according to the size of the material. When the gap between the spiral blade and the shell is large, or when the blade is deformed, it needs to be changed more, otherwise it will affect the material delivery capacity.

  Finally, when inspecting the support, because of the drive part is connected by the drive shaft and other parts, we need to check the fastening of the drive support regularly to prevent the drive part from deviating from the helix part.

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