New environmental protection feeding station

30-04-2019ZGS vibrating screen

  With the continuous improvement of China's environmental protection and ecological safety requirements, as well as the increasingly severe situation of energy conservation and emission reduction, the environmental awareness of dye companies is stronger than ever. In the process of my contact with the enterprise, I clearly realized that in recent years, the awareness of the social responsibility and the initiative of the company have significantly improved. On the one hand, the government continues to strengthen environmental governance, and the environmental violations are becoming more and more strict. On the other hand, business operators, especially large enterprises, fully realize that without clean production, enterprises have no room for further development, and even Will destroy the existing industry.

  For example, the selection of chemical machinery manufacturing, sand cleaning, sand mixing, electric welding, grinding, drying of resins and dyes, packaging, storage and transportation, etc.; here the dye industry has accelerated the pace of technological transformation of clean production, continuously improving production around energy conservation and emission reduction. Equipment, process technology. At this time, Zhenying Machinery automatic unpacking machine used manual feeding for many production sites, which not only has low efficiency, but also serious dust on site, seriously endangering the health of workers, etc., special research and development of new bag-breaking equipment with independent intellectual property rights, equipment mainly It consists of seven systems: feeding, bag breaking, screening, conveying, dust collection, waste bag collection, and automatic control.

  The automatic unpacking machine overcomes the shortcomings of slow manual opening and large dust. The structure of the equipment prevents dust pollution, reduces material and energy consumption, has good sealing performance, avoids dust leakage, improves working environment, and is safe and explosion-proof. Moreover, the manufacture of the device can be applied to various sizes of bag opening and different processing requirements, and the utility model has multiple uses and saves cost.

  From the source to prevent occupational disease hazards. For the construction, technological transformation and technology introduction projects of new construction, expansion and reconstruction of enterprises, the construction of a good technical product requires communication with customers, in-depth understanding of customers, knowing their needs, and developing products around demand. Define the real problem and then develop the technology.

  Zhenying Machinery can realize standardization, large-scale production, or equipment and equipment. In terms of product quality, product site, manufacturing, service level, R&D innovation system, solutions, etc., they all have their own unique features. It is a combination of safety, environmental protection, energy saving and intelligentization. The products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany and Russia.

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