Six advantages of belt conveyor

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  The belt conveyor is a large-scale equipment for transporting materials with the leather belt on its device. So many people choose a belt conveyor for a certain reason. What are the advantages of the belt conveyor? Xiaobian gave you a summary of the six advantages.

  1. Small radius bending ability

  The second important advantage of a round tube belt conveyor compared to other forms of belt conveyors is the small radius bending capability. For most applications, this advantage is of the utmost importance because there is no need to establish a transfer point when the direction of the conveyor belt needs to change drastically.

  The rollers are looped around the conveyor belt and can be bent in any direction. Bending can be done on horizontal, vertical or even on both sides, eliminating the transfer point and eliminating the need for additional rollers, hoppers, dust collectors or dust removal equipment, foundation and power distribution, and therefore material loss Significantly reduced. But the most important thing is that the maintenance problem of the reload point is completely eliminated. The round tube belt conveyor can have multiple curved sections, so a single tube belt conveyor can replace multiple universal belt conveyors and associated transfer points as well as the additional equipment described above.

  2. Large angle tilt ability

  Compared with the universal belt conveyor, the round tube belt conveyor has a larger angled inclined conveying capacity. Due to the circular cross section, the contact area between the material and the conveyor belt is increased, and the conveyor inclination angle is increased by 50%. Up to 27. The greater the angle of inclination, the shorter the length of the conveyor, which is more economical or may be the only viable solution under space and performance constraints.

  3. The conveyor belt is rounded in the return stroke

  The return belt of the round tube belt conveyor is also in the shape of a round tube, the conveyor belt is rolled up, and the overlapping portion is at the bottom of the round tube, which not only makes the conveyor belt pass the same curved route as the bearing side, but also makes the conveyor belt dirty. The side is wrapped up and the possibility of dropping or scattering the material is small.

  4. The delivery volume is the same as that of the larger universal belt conveyor

  The delivery volume of a round tube belt conveyor is usually the same as a universal belt conveyor with a bandwidth of 2.5 to 3 times its diameter. For example, a round tube belt conveyor with a pipe diameter of 300 mm (12 in) has the same conveying capacity as a universal belt conveyor with a width of 800 mm (30 in),a drum groove angle of 20, and a discharge angle of 20, and this circle The belt conveyor belt bracket is only 635mm (25in) wide, and the universal belt conveyor bracket requires a minimum of 1050mm (41in) width. In the case where the conveyor installation space is limited, such as in a tunnel, a circular tube belt conveyor can be used to design a smaller tunnel cross section.

  5. Standard components

  Round tube belt conveyors and universal belt conveyors can use the same standard components. Since the belt of the round belt conveyor is flat at the head, tail and tensioning drum, and the belt speed series is also the same, the drum, bearing and drive of the standard universal belt conveyor can be used. The standard components used are available in the market and these devices are familiar, so the use of round tube belt conveyors is a suitable choice.

  6. Simultaneous transportation

  Like the universal belt conveyor, the round belt conveyor can transport material in addition to the upper stroke conveying material. In order to transport the material during the return trip, the conveyor belt must be turned 180 degrees so that the overlapping portion is on top and the dirty side of the conveyor belt is still facing inwards. Although it is necessary to add rollers and drives, it is more economical to install only one round belt conveyor than to install two universal belt conveyors.

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