Vacuum conveyor working principle

22-07-2019ZGS vibrating screen

  Working Principle

  ZKS vacuum feeder unit is using whirlpool air pump extracting air. The inlet of absorption material tap and whole system is made to be in vacuum state. The powder grains of material are absorbed into the material tap with ambient air and formed to be the air flowing with material. Passing the absorption material tube, they arrive to the hopper. The air and materials are separated in it. The separated materials are sent to the receiving material device. The control center controls the “on/off” state of pneumatic triple valve for feeding or discharging the materials.

  Main consists:

  The vacuum conveyor consists of vacuum pump(no oil and water),feeding tube, PE filter, vacuum hopper, automatic control device,Stainless steel suction tube, stainless steel 316

  filter, compressed air cleaning device, pneumatic discharging device,

  vacuum hopper and automatic level control device.

  Main application:

  Vacuum Conveyor is new product which is developed by absorbing the similar product from abroad. At present, it is the ideal feeding equipment which is used for transporting the powder material, granular material and powder & granular material or feeding the material directly into the mixer.

  It highly reduces the man power and solves outflow of powder etc.

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